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The customer does not spend anything on the implementation of the system; the intervention will pay for itself through the energy savings achieved, through a fee commensurate with the energy savings that Cogeninfra Save guarantees, thus enabling immediate financial savings for the customer.

Formula Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

The investment is borne by the customer, Cogeninfra Save takes care of the design, implementation, commissioning and testing of the plant. On the side of the EPC contract, the customer may enter into an O&M contract to secure the management and operation of its own plant, this formula is also called “turnkey”.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Service

Cogeninfra Save takes charge of facility management activities by performing routine and extraordinary maintenance operations, providing assurance on the operation of utilities and their performance throughout the contract term.

Project Financing Formula for PA

Cogeninfra Save proposes interventions under Project Financing, an instrument that allows the entrustment, design, construction and management of a work of public interest through the intervention of a private investor, whose capital will be remunerated by income from the operation of the work for a contractually stipulated time frame.

A chi si rivolge

Aziende energivore
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Mercato attuale

Mercato attuale

Il mercato in cui ci si trova a operare è un mercato frammentato, dove molte aziende competono per ottenere la leadership. Cogeninfra è tra i principali player nazionali per risparmio di CO2 e capacità di generazione green con 122 impianti (di cui 16 in formula ESCo). Ad oggi è tra i primi 20 operatori a livello nazionale nel mercato dell’efficienza energetica. Nel corso del 2022 le emissioni di CO2 evitate corrispondono a 25,67 kton.

Why choose Cogeninfra

Cogeninfra Save offers different solutions to companies that decide to rely on it for their energy needs:

  • Formula Energy Service Company (ESCo)

  • Formula Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

  • Servizi di Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

  • Formula Project Financing per la PA

It helps companies become sustainable by ensuring financial savings that can be used for business development.

It finances, designs, implements and operates facilities, ensuring the highest level of professionalism throughout the supply chain.
Finally, it creates value through a wide range of services and customised contract formulas.

The Benefits

Saving energy and thus
saving on electricity
and heating bill costs.

Reduction of CO2 emissions
into the atmosphere.

Reduced demand for energy
from fossil fuels.

Satisfaction of the end consumer
who recognises the value
of green solutions.

The Statistics

data updated to 2023

105 GWh

of energy produced

128 GWh

of thermal energy produced for customers

12,55 Ktonnes

of CO2 avoided