Cogeninfra Save stands by businesses to help them reduce energy expenditure, construction risks and use resources more efficiently.

It helps companies become sustainable by ensuring financial savings that can be used for business development. It finances, designs, implements and operates facilities, ensuring the highest level of professionalism throughout the supply chain. Finally, it creates value through a wide range of services and customised contract formulas.

The services offered

A company specialising in the management of industrial cogeneration plants under the ESCo formula through which it invests directly in the plant solution to produce thermal, electrical and cooling energy for the industrial site efficiently. The managed industrial cogeneration plants span a power intervention from 20 kW to 20 MW.

Company specialising in the operation of biogas and biomethane plants with which, from agricultural waste, it produces biogas that it uses directly in cogeneration engines for the production of renewable energy or biomethane to be fed into the natural gas distribution network.

A company specialising in the construction and maintenance of cogeneration plants thanks to a group of technical service specialists. It provides routine and extraordinary maintenance on natural gas and biogas-fueled engines

Company specialising in the construction, maintenance and supply of mechanical and electronic components for industrial engines. The workshop in Arzagrande (Pd) and Viterbo, Italy, is also an authorised MAN workshop for the overhaul and maintenance of MAN cogeneration engines.

Company offering renewable lighting solutions for ports. The company, in cooperation with the Venice Port Authority, built the new light path in 2015. A total of 345 stainless steel rods were installed on both sides of the Malamocco Canal.

Company specialising in energy network management solutions. Through the Exacto platform, it manages the monitoring of industrial consumption and Renewable Energy Communities.

Company specialising in energy optimisation of production processes and thermal energy measurement. It operates in the industrial sector and offers consulting services and implementation of solutions with Design & Build and Energy Performance Contract formulas. It is active in the domestic and international market.

Company specialising in offering customised solutions for the design and implementation of photovoltaic systems in medium to large companies. Photovoltaic systems reduce the demand for energy from fossil fuels, thus participating in the reduction of climate-changing emissions and the energy transition.

Case history

Santa Maria Goretti Hospital of Latina - Cogeninfra Save GEA

Cogeninfra Save GEA designed, built and started up in October 2023 the latest trigeneration plant built at the Santa Maria Goretti Hospital in Latina for Mugnai Spa. The facility essentially consists of:

  • 635 kW natural gas-fuelled endothermic engine
  • Recovery steam generator capable of producing 460 kg/hour of saturated steam at 8 barg through heat recovery from exhaust gases
  • A 320 kW absorption refrigeration unit through heat recovery from the engine block.

Clinica ICS Maugeri Milano - Cogeninfra Save Alea

Cogeninfra save Alea: developer of a high-efficiency cogeneration plant at IRCSS [Research Hospital] Maugeri di Milan via Camaldoli. Cogeninfra Save Alea followed the whole part of the works until the commissioning, through the installation of a cogeneration plant, which allows excellent results to be obtained in terms of benefits for the environment and for the customer. For example, savings of approximately 20% primary energy (about 1750 MWhp/year), 21% CO₂ input (about 300 tonnes/year) as well as financial savings of about 19% will be achieved.

Compared with the previous situation, which employed a gas boiler and grid-supplied electricity, IRCSS Maugeri can take advantage of a cogeneration energy supply that contributes 52 percent for the heating part and 70 percent for the electrical part. CHP solutions can lead to significant energy and financial savings, as well as significantly decrease the impact on the environment in terms of CO emissions.

Takeda S.p.a. - Cogeninfra Save Solar-X

As part of the industrial expansion of its facilities, the company joined a large renewable energy project by installing its first photovoltaic system at the Cittaducale plant.

Plant surface area: 3,555 square metres
Plant power: 588.68 kWp
Plant made: on pitched roofs
Expected annual production: 618,114 kWh
ESCo Formula

Heat recovery in steel industry - Cogeninfra Save Reden

Heat recovery system from hot rolling mill flue gas (rolling-mill)
Use: steam production for process use and heating
Flue gas IN-OUT temperature: 410 - 160 °C
Recovery capacity: 7,500 kg/h steam at 10 bar(g)
CO2 emission reduction: 8,600 t/y